Having dreadlocks created properly is crucial in how they will look, feel and how easily they can be maintained. At Lucinda’s, our staff have undergone advanced training in all techniques to ensure you get your dreadlocks right the first time.Dreadlocks

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  • Dreadlock Creation
  • Dreadlock Maintenance
  • 100% Organic Products


Q: How long does my hair have to be?

A: If you don’t mind a little extra maintenance you can start them at about 8cm. Starting dreadlocks short takes a bit longer but when they grow out they will be super nice and very smooth.


Q: How much shorter will my hair be when I dread it?

A: Usually the hair is about 20% shorter after it’s dreaded. So if your hair is 15cm long before you dread it, it will be about 12cm after you dread it. Thinner hair shortens more; thick hair shortens less… also the fatter you make the dreads the more it shortens the hair.


Q: Can you dye or bleach dreads?

A: Yes, blonde dreads look amazing! Dying or bleaching the hair is easier before its dreaded and the dying and bleaching process will leave the hair a bit dryer and more fried which will make it dread faster. So if at all possible bleach or dye before you dread. If you dye or bleach it after its dreaded wait until the hair is good and locked, about 10 to 12 weeks.

Q: Can I swim with dreads?

A: You can swim with dreads. Chlorine won’t hurt them and salt water helps the hair dread faster. New dreads that haven’t tightened up yet will probably loosen up a bit every time they get wet. It doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong or that they are never going to lock up, it just means they are not tight yet. If you are going to be doing a lot of swimming with new dreads you should really put rubberbands on the roots and tips of the dreads. This will prevent a lot of loose hairs from slipping out. Always squeeze your dreads and get them as dry as possible. Don’t let them sit with water in them or they may smell.

Q: Will sports or sweating affect my dreadlocks?

A: The sweat won’t hurt your dreads at all, it’s just salt water. Lots of sweating though means lots of showers and those can loosen new dreads. Running water over dreads to rinse them won’t loosen them much but repeated scrubbing and pulling while they are soapy will usually loosen more than a few hairs. This is natural and usually isn’t much of a problem unless your shampoo has conditioners, moisturisers, or scented residues. If your hair is very short wearing rubber bands at the root and tip of the dread will hold the hair secure giving it time to dread and tighten. Wearing nylon (panty hose) stretched over your dreads while in the shower and washing the dreads through the nylon will usually prevent a lot of hair from coming loose from the dreads.

Q: Do I have to use a different shampoo when I have dreadlocks?

A: Yes, you need to use a shampoo that leaves no residues behind in your hair and removes residues that are in your hair. The reason using this kind of shampoo is so important when you have dreadlocks is because dreadlocks like to hold stuff. When you have normal hair the residues are free to fall out and fall out while you are brushing your hair, but when you have dreadlocks you don’t brush your hair, and the hair isn’t free to let the residues fall out. We have a range of 100% organic shampoos and conditioners perfect for use with dreadlocks.

Q: Is wax good for dreadlocks?

A: Wax is great for dreadlocks, it helps moisturize them while holding together while they are new, and it is a great conditioner for older dreadlocks. We stock some organic waxes.